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Seed Program Collections (Type)

Documented conservation - are collections consisting of rare, gene pool representative germplasm designated for long-term storage to provide protection against extinction and as a source of material for future restoration and recovery.
Documented research, education, and horticultural - are seed collections primarily designated for distribution and consumptive use at the Garden and elsewhere.
Documented contract - are accessioned collections that are stored on a temporary basis and remain the property of the contracting party as long as the contract obligations are in effect.

The Seed Bank


Rancho Santa Ana

Botanic Garden

1500 North College Avenue Claremont, CA 91711-3157

(909) 626-8767

Seed Program open to the public by appointment only

Seed Program Staff (Tyxxxxxxxxxxpe)

Evan Meyer

Seed Curator and Program Manager


(909) 625-8767 ext 259

Billy Sale

Seed Program Technician


(909) 625-8767 ext 259